About Allyn & Bacon and Merrill Professional Development

With a strong history in education publishing and a broad understanding of the education climate, Allyn & Bacon and Merrill Professional Development provide the books that effectively blend academic research and practical application for today's K-12 educators. Our professional line of resources includes the latest in literacy, English language acquisition, early childhood education, classroom management, leadership, special education and more. With an emphasis on research-based teacher education options, these resources incorporate the tenants of new legislation and cater to the changing needs of today's education professionals. While our products are diverse, our philosophy is simple: to develop high quality references that can help teachers grow professionally throughout their career.

With Allyn & Bacon and Merrill Prentice Hall books you will find:

  • Leading authors in the field
  • Research-based teaching strategies
  • Proven lesson plans and classroom activities
  • Integration of National Standards


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