Carol Robinson-Zanartu

Carol Robinson-Zañartu (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh), Professor of Counseling and School Psychology at San Diego State University, has previously served as university lecturer in reading, a school principal, school psychologist, and high school teacher. She has authored or co-authored five scholarly book chapters, and some 50 articles and reviews in professional journals, newsletters, monographs or conference proceedings. Her specializations include culturally appropriate assessment and classroom intervention, and the development of thinking skills. At the university level, she teaches school psychology graduate students dynamic assessment of cognitive skills, and classroom interventions for enhancing student thinking with attention to cultural contexts, standards, and strong content. Professor Robinson-Zañartu partners with public schools to assure that her graduate students provide authentic and effective in-classroom work. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology, and as a reviewer for NASP/NCATE. She is a former President of the California Association for Mediated Learning, has consulted broadly across school districts and universities, and has made close to 100 presentations to state, national or international professional associations.


Patricia Doerr (M.S., California Lutheran University) holds a master’s degree in special education, the CLAD credential, and a Diploma in Education of Handicapped Children (London University, England). She has taught special and general education at elementary, middle and high school levels, and has been a university lecturer in reading. A recipient of the Amgen Award for Teacher Excellence, she has served as Ventura County teacher-on-leave specialist for language arts, curriculum and assessment; as an educational therapist in private practice; and has written numerous manuals in the area of language arts and writing. Patricia Doerr is a South Coast Writing Project Fellow, has been a trainer for the California Reading and Literature Project RESULTS; a Trainer of Trainers for Writing Across the Grade Levels; and a consultant to the MindLadder Project. She has studied a variety of models of thinking skill development (Haywood’s Bright Start, Feuerstein’s LPAD and IE; Jensen’s Mindladder), and has made dozens of professional presentations on their usefulness in the classroom for professional associations, schools and universities.


Jacqueline Portman, a National Board Certified bilingual teacher, holds teaching credentials in multiple subjects, bilingual emphasis and Spanish (San Diego State University. She has taught elementary grades 1-6, has served as an ELD/bilingual instructor and specialist for over 25 years, and has been a university lecturer in the mediation of thinking in the classroom. She has provided district-wide staff development programs, modeled lessons, and coached teachers, and has developed language arts assessment tools. Jacqueline Portman has been a Mentor Teacher for international children’s literature in Spanish; initiated Spanish as a Second Language Program; co-authored district curricula in English and Spanish language arts writing; developed a district testing program (Grades 1-6) in English and Spanish language arts; revised and translated district math curriculum; and presented bilingual workshops in Language Arts, and parent mediation of learning in Spanish. She is trained in Essential Elements of Instruction, cooperative learning, Mastery Learning, Mediated Learning Experiences, and writing processes, and has trained and supervised bilingual student teachers.