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Checking the Understanding of English Language Learners with Signals

Linda New Levine


English Language Learners (ELLs) may not ask questions in the classroom to clear up misunderstandings or improve their comprehension of the topic. Because of this, teachers need to check the understanding of these learners frequently using a variety of methods.

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I Never Thought I'd Be a Teacher

For my very first blog, I’d like to tell you the tale of how I got into teaching. I always knew I would never be a teacher.


I believe there are certain professions where your heart should quicken with excitement as you get ready for your work day. Among those are trial lawyers, surgeons, and teachers. On my first day of teaching (actually, probably more like my first whole year), my heart quickened – with fear.


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Comprehension Lesson for Predicting and Fluency Building by Deb Renner Smith

Debra Smith

Lesson Builds Predicting and Fluency through the use of Book Bits

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Thinking Theme Charts Improve Synthesis

Debra Smith

This lesson explains how to use Thinking Theme Charts to improve synthesis. 

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