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Language Wizards

This blog is a brief introduction to the fundamental concept that underlies Unleashing Your Language Wizards.

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Comprehension Lesson for Predicting and Fluency Building by Deb Renner Smith

Debra Smith

Lesson Builds Predicting and Fluency through the use of Book Bits

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Thinking Theme Charts Improve Synthesis

Debra Smith

This lesson explains how to use Thinking Theme Charts to improve synthesis. 

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Expressive Writing

Jennifer Fontenot

Blueprint for Exceptional Writing

If you’re looking for a way to teach expressive writing in interactive, exciting ways you’ve selected the right strategies.  These strategies are designed for you, the teachers in K-8 who are dedicated to helping your students think, plan, and then write interesting and meaningful essays.  BEW gives you a comprehensive set of strategies that will improve student writing.

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