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Creating Writers with Vicki Spandel (Audio)

Vicki Spandel discusses the 6-trait writing model, what it's about & how to implement it in the classroom. She discusses specifics on teaching the traits, and gives guidelines on where to begin, next steps, and using rubrics to assess progress.

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Topics: Reading and Literacy


Podcast #1--Introduction to the 6-Traits (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

What are the six traits, where did they come from, how were they developed, and what is their role in creating a balanced approach to assessment? These questions and more are addressed in a conversational introduction that may hold a few surprises.

0:06:51Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Podcast #2--Traits Are About Language (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

A common language for talking about writing is empowering. It gives students a way to think about writing and gives teachers a way to assess consistently. Bringing the power of trait-based language into the classroom is easy—if you know a few tricks.

00:06:39Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Podcast #3--Teaching Traits to Young Students (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

Primary teachers love the idea of teaching traits to beginning writers. Gather some beginning ideas for teaching traits conceptually, using literature, and sharing comments that help students grow as writers. Traits are for writers of all ages.

00:07:11Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Podcast #4--Where do I begin? (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

Even teachers familiar with the six traits wonder exactly what to do Day 1. Posters or process? What is the very first thing to do—and how do you make the traits fit smoothly within writing workshop? This discussion will get you off to a good start.

00:06:27Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Podcast #5--Where do I go next? (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

You’ve introduced the traits and handed out the scoring guides or checklists. Now what? From scoring and discussing papers and sharing literature to rehearsing revision: Get all your strategies in a row, and get them working for you in a purposeful way.

00:07:47Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Podcast #6--Using a Rubric Effectively (Audio)

By Vicki Spandel

Which rubric will work best for you, 4-, 5-, or 6-point? How do you use a rubric well and not abuse it? Is a good rubric a set of rules or a reflection of thinking? Find out how you can gain the most benefit from any rubric or writing guide you use.

00:08:16Aug 26, 2008Audio MP3

Creating Writers with Vicki Spandel (Audio)