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Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing: Digital Make-Overs for Writing Lessons

Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing: Digital Make-Overs for Writing LessonsPhysical Product

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  • Presents four frames of writing--inside writing, responsive writing, purposeful writing, and social action writing--and each chapter includes an example of how to implement a specific frame in a core subject area.
  • Incorporates research-proven reading/writing strategies for developing literacy in the content areas.
  • Includes a "good lesson" and a digital model "make-over lesson" to guide teachers in how to incorporate technology writing into lesson plans.
  • Offers strategies for adapting elements of the make-over lesson for multiple content areas at the end of each chapter.
  • Features book club discussion questions at the end of every chapter to advance learning.


Looking to capture the attention of adolescents’ in the classroom? In Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing, Stephens and Ballast guide teachers in successfully implementing technology for writing across the curriculum while helping adolescents’ develop life-long writing skills. Outlined are four frames of writing: inside, responsive, purposeful,  and social action. The student-centered, inquiry-based model connects real-world online writing with content area standards in reading and writing to help teachers teach every student to write in- and out- of school!

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Writing in a Digital Age

Chapter 2- Inside Writing

Chapter 3- Responsive Writing

Chapter 4- Purposeful Writing

Chapter 5- Social Action Writing

Chpater 6- Ten of Tens

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