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School Leadership through Action Research

School Leadership through Action ResearchPhysical Product
  • By Joyce P. Logan
  • Pub. Date: Jul 16, 2013 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-248601-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-248601-9

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  • Educators see the practical applications of educational research in their classrooms, schools, and districts, and learn how to apply the action research process in their own particular situations.
  • Through both the book and the supplementary CD, readers are guided step-by-step through professional development experiences that apply action research and data-informed decision making to their school and classroom settings.
  • Readers see clearly how the content of the book is related to data-based decision making, standards for school leaders, and the effects of teachers and school leadership on student achievement.
  • The principles and ideas are made real through the examples from actual school settings throughout the action research steps, taken from the author’s over 50 years of experience as a teacher, principal, state department of education regional program coordinator and division director, and university educator and researcher. 14 different action research reports illustrate the action research process as completed in actual school settings.
  • Users are guided in systematically conducting research and recording and verifying the work done in each step through the book’s helpful set up:
    • Chapters are grouped in four modules, each including two chapters
    • Chapter content teaches completion of each step following a specific format, in order to encourage format consistency.
    • The resource follows APA style, which helps readers learn a commonly used style for publications and dissertations in the school leadership field.
  • Readers can turn to the CD that supplements the book to save time and to get additional materials, electronic resources, sample planning and research planning guides, electronic blank forms, and additional guides and forms that can be used as appropriate to make the work easier while learning the action research process. Likewise, chapter materials refer to all or most CD supplementary materials.

School Leadership Through Action Research is designed to help educators bridge the gap between educational research and its practical application in schools and classrooms. In it, educators see how to use education research in practical ways toward school improvement, and to bring professional literature and education research into the classroom to guide improvement planning and professional practice for student learning. Included is a CD that supplements the book to help users save time and get access to additional materials, electronic resources, sample planning and research planning guides, electronic blank forms, and additional guides and format they can use to make the work easier to do, while learning the action research process.

Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents

Module 1: Using Action Research to Improve Student Achievement

Chapter 1: Action Research in School Settings

Chapter 2: A Knowledge Base for Action Research

Module 2: Identifying, Collecting, and Analyzing Research Data

Chapter 3: Data-informed Decision Making

Chapter 4: Data Organization, Summarization, and Analysis

Module 3: Summarizing Qualitative Data and Completing an Action Research

Report and Presentation

Chapter 5: Analysis and Interpretation of Qualitative Data

Document Coding

Chapter 6: Recommendations, Reports, and Reflection

Module 4: Bridging Research with Practice

Chapter 7: Action Research as Part of Professional Practice

Research Contributions to School Practice

Chapter 8: Research, Reflection, and Professional Growth

Example Action Research Reports

Glossary of Research Terms

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