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Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time

Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a TimePhysical Product

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Hear Julie's (@julielindsay) and Vicki's (@coolcatteacher) interview on this book with Classroom 2.0 founder, Steve Hargadon on the Future of Education show.

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  • Outlines seven steps (Chapters 3-9) to bring a classroom or school into effective global collaborative practice including connection, communication, citizenship, contribution/collaboration, choice, creating and celebration.
  • Divides each “Step” into Self, School, and Student headings so readers can see how to create an effective 21st century curriculum and learning environment at each level of the education system.
  • Prompts readers to develop professionally with the Flat Classroom® 15 Challenges that challenge them to become more familiar with new technologies (blogs, CMPs, mobile devices, wikis) and use them to create rich learning experiences for themselves and their students.
  • Includes 6 month free access to the PDToolkit where all case studies will be posted in their entirety; a completed sample Flat Classroom® Framework; Interactive Surveys; Online glossary; Sample student assignments; Wiki and digital storytelling rubrics; Downloadable model for digital citizenship; Learning Design Pie Planning Tool; and a Connection planning tool.
  • Offers technology-rich, action-based book features including:
    • QR codes: use a mobile phone to take a picture and go to the webpage for each chapter
    • Share It: Hashtags: introduce various networks designed to facilitate conversation
    • Stories and Case Studies: begin and end each chapter and include illustrations of holistic, cross-cultural, and technology-rich education practices
    • Social Networks: present learning networks for readers to join
    • Add Friend: help readers expand their professional network by providing friend information for the educators, administrators, and leaders mentioned in this book.
    • Flat Classroom® Framework: helps readers understand the various projects mentioned
    • Websites: list key web addresses
    • Tweetables: offershort, tweetable quotations interspersed throughout the book
    • Flat Classroom® Diaries: include stories from the authors, teachers, and students involved in Flat Classroom® projects
    • Digital Citizenship Area of Understanding: discusses a point in the book relating to one of the four areas of digital citizenship
    • ISTE NETS: standard alignments are noted throughout the chapters
    • 21st Century Skills: alignments are noted throughout the chapter with their standard numbers


Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds will help schools and higher education as they move to online education, blended learning, and e-learning, redefining education as we know it and will take your school online one teacher at a time.

Based on their award winning project,The Flat ClassroomTM project,  these two classroom teachers use the principles that have connected thousands of students in educational Web 2 e-learning environments to take educators into the project plans and lesson plans that can make global collaboration a reality in the classroom.

Featured in Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, Don Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital, Edutopia, Curt Bonk’s The World is Open, in the Wall Street Journal and beyond. Winner of ISTE’s 2007 Online Learning Award, the Taking IT Global Outstanding Online Project, and was shortlisted in the International WISE awards in 2009 the projects created by the authors include Flat Classroom, NetGenEd, Digiteen, Eracism, and ‘A Week in the Life …’ (an Elementary Project).

The new school of education is global collaboration. Whether you want to become a teacher or add to your teaching toolbox, when you connect globally and have contacts around the world, you become a more valuable teacher to your school. The “Flat Classroom 15” challenges bring even the beginner into the exciting world of social media in the classroom in a way that any teacher (elementary, middle school, high school, or college) can use. Connect your classroom and fall in love with learning again!


JOIN THE COMMUNITY: go to www.facebook.com/flatclassrooms to sign up for free webinars, chat with the authors, and connect with other teaching professionals around the world!


Click Here to download the first chapter.

Table of Contents


1.     Flattening Classrooms through Global Collaboration

2.     Impact on Learning: Research in the Global Collaborative Classroom



3.     Step 1: Connection

4.     Step 2: Communication

5.     Step 3: Citizenship

6.     Step 4: Contribution and Collaboration

7.     Step 5: Choice

8.     Step 6: Creation

9.     Step 7: Celebration



10.  Designing and Managing a Global Collaborative Project

11.  Challenge-Based Professional Development

12.  Rock the World




Appendix A Flat Classroom® Project Rubric Assessment

Appendix B Global Collaboration and the International Baccalaureate

Appendix C ISTE NETs

Appendix D C21 Standards



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