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Becoming a Teacher, 9th Edition

Becoming a Teacher, 9th EditionPhysical Product
  • By Forrest W. Parkay
  • Pub. Date: Jan 12, 2012 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-262614-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-262614-9

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Mentorship, professionalism, and good teaching are modeled through listening to participants and stakeholders.
• Dear Mentor features opening each part share new teachers’ concerns as well as informative and thoughtful guidance provided by a NBPTS-certified mentor teacher.
• Readers’ Voices features opening every chapter shares questions and comments from undergraduate teacher education majors, helping readers see commonalities and feel confident in joining the community.
• Teaching On Your Feet features present examples of how successful teachers have turned potential problem situations in the classroom into “teachable moments.”


Introduces students to culturally competent teaching.
• Fully revised Chapter 9: Addressing Learners’ Individual Needs
• Diversity sections in each chapter help readers see the merit of meeting individual needs in every classroom.


Opens students’ eyes to Teacher Leadership, Political Activism, and Change Facilitation.

  • New Teachers’ Voices: Agent of Change features bring in the voices of experienced teachers — many of them CCSSO National Teachers of the Year award winners - to focus on how teachers can affect change in the classroom and the community for the better of their students.



Addresses technology in a thorough and meaningful way to give readers options when teaching.

• Technology in Action features in each chapter highlight how teachers are integrating cutting-edge technologies—like web conferencing or screen captures—into their teaching. A practical “Try It Out” section in each feature gives readers hands-on directions for learning more about integrating the highlighted technology into their own teaching.

• A thoroughly revised technology chapter that explains how teachers can integrate technology into teaching in order to engage today’s tech-savvy students fully and to increase the ways in which they learn. From blogs and wikis, to podcasting and 3-D virtual worlds, the eighth edition is filled with case examples of how teachers are integrating technology and transforming their teaching to foster collaboration, discovery, and understanding of the “big ideas” in the curriculum.


With a bright and engaging writing style that enlists the voices from experts as well as novices, Becoming a Teacher explores what it means to be a professional teacher in today’s climate of accountability, high-stakes testing, and changing legislation.


The fully revised 9th edition embraces and articulates the changing field of education, outlining ways to be an agent of change in the profession, pinpointing meaningful uses of technology in education, clarifying realities of diversity in the classroom, and clearly outlining past, present, and future thoughts on curriculum, instruction, management, philosophy, and issues in education. This down-to-earth and straightforward approach provides students with the tools and information necessary to answer the questions, “What does it take to become a high quality teacher?” and “Do I want to teach?” Along the way, the author provides practical perspectives for meeting the challenges of teaching. Organized into four parts, the book addresses both functional and foundational topics to give readers a well-rounded view of the teaching profession.

Table of Contents

Becoming a Teacher, 9th Edition
By Forrest W. Parkay

Contents in Brief

Chapter 1: Teaching: Your Chosen Profession
Chapter 2: Today’s Teachers
Chapter 3: Today’s Schools
Chapter 4: Philosophical Foundations of U.S. Education
Chapter 5: Historical Foundations of U.S. Education
Chapter 6: Governance and Finance of U.S. Schools
Chapter 7: Ethical and Legal Issues in U.S. Education
Chapter 8: Today’s Students
Chapter 9: Addressing Learners’ Individual Needs
Chapter 10: Creating A Community of Learners
Chapter 11: Curriculum Standards, Assessment, and Student Learning
Chapter 12: Integrating Technology into Teaching
Chapter 13: Becoming a Professional Teacher


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