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Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-2 (Volume I), 2nd Edition

Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-2 (Volume I), 2nd EditionPhysical Product

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  • Includes practical take-away ideas that can support the teaching and learning of specific chapter content. These might be an instructional suggestion, a particular point about language use, a common child misconception, or a suggestion about a resource. See the new Teaching Tips.
  • Helps teachers plan their instruction around “big ideas” rather than isolated skills or concepts. At the beginning of each chapter in Part II, the key mathematical ideas associated with the chapter are listed. These lists of learning targets can help teachers get a snapshot of the mathematics they are teaching.
  • Includes numerous problem-based activities. These high quality tasks are presented in numbered Activity boxes and many have new adaptation and accommodation suggestions for English Language Learners and Students with Special Needs. The Activities at a Glance table in the Preface lists all the named and numbered activities with a short statement of the mathematical goal for each and the page where the activity can be located.
  • Provides examples of activities developed into full lessons. At the ends of each Part II chapter, the authors expanded one activity into a complete lesson plan, following the Before-During-After structure described in Chapter 2. In this new edition, all lessons are aligned with NCTM’s Curriculum Focal Points and Common Core State Standards grade level recommendations and include adaptation suggestions for English Language Learners and Students with Special Needs. 
  • Improves teachers’ understanding of formative assessment. Effective assessment identifies and then targets child needs through instruction.  Formative Assessment Notes provide suggestions of what assessment tasks to use with children and what to listen and look for in different areas of content development.
  • Provides practical information about how technology can be used to help children learn the content. Technology Notes describe free resources like include open-source software, interactive applets, and other Web-based resources to enhance child learning opportunities.
  • Supports reflective thinking, the key to effective learning. Stop and Reflect sections ask teachers to solve a problem or reflect on some aspect of what they have read to help reinforce important points.
  • Illustrates the Common Core State Standards in action. Connections to the eight Standards of Mathematical Practice from the Common Core State Standards are highlighted in the margins. The location of the note indicates an example of the identified practice in the nearby text.

Initially adapted from Van de Walle’s market-leading textbook, Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, the Van de Walle Professional Mathematics Series are practical guides for developmentally appropriate, student-centered mathematics instruction from best selling mathematics methods authors John Van de Walle, LouAnn Lovin, Karen Karp, and Jennifer Bay-Williams. Specially designed for in-service teachers, each volume of the series focuses on the content relevant to a specific grade band and provides additional information on creating an effective classroom environment, engaging families, and aligning teaching to the Common Core State Standards. Additional activities and expanded lessons are also included.


The series has three objectives:

1.  To illustrate what it means to teach student-centered, problem-based mathematics

2.  To serve as a reference for the mathematics content and research-based instructional strategies suggested for pre-kindergarten to grade two, grades three to five, and grades six to eight 

3.  To present a large collection of high quality tasks and activities that can engage children in the mathematics that is important for them to learn



Volume I is tailored specifically to pre-kindergarten to grade 2, allowing teachers to quickly and easily locate information to implement in their classes.  The student-centered approach will result in children who are successful in learning mathematics, making these books indispensable for Pre-K-2 classroom teachers!

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Establishing a Student-Centered Environment


Chapter 1: Teaching Mathematics for Understanding

Chapter 2: Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving

Chapter 3: Assessing for Learning

Chapter 4: Differentiating Instruction

Chapter 5: Planning, Teaching, and Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children

Chapter 6: Planning, Teaching, and Assessing Children with Exceptionalities

Chapter 7: Collaborating with Families, Community, and Principals



Part 2: Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics


Chapter 8: Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense

Chapter 9: Developing Meaning for the Operations

Chapter 10: Helping Children Master the Basic Facts

Chapter 11: Developing Whole Number Place Value Concepts

Chapter 12: Building Strategies for Whole-Number Computation

Chapter 13: Promoting Algebraic Reasoning

Chapter 14: Exploring Early Fraction Concepts

Chapter 15: Building Measurement Concepts

Chapter 16: Developing Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts

Chapter 17: Helping Children Use Data


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