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Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child, 9th Edition

Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child, 9th EditionPhysical Product

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  • Be guided by a focus on the general milestones of childhood growth, development, and learning. The strong emphasis on child development, stressed throughout the text, ties child development theory to effective planning, emphasizes the need for “active learning” and will help teachers help young students successfully learn in the early classroom environment.
  • Become familiar with the best resources available for teachers. Throughout the text, the authors encourage making the most of the resources offered to teachers from school, family, community, children’s literature, and technology.
  • Gain knowledge from the most current information available with an expanded treatment of key topics in the social studies curriculum–including the thematic project approach and multicultural education–the text promises future teachers will be given the most pertinent information relevant to today’s educational environment and what they need to know in order to succeed in their first classrooms.
  • Develop a greater respect for culture and diversity with a plethora of resources and rationale for future teachers. With guidelines for full inclusion of all learners–regardless of special needs, language, or individual differences–the text features a separate chapter on culture and diversity, including a full complement of curriculum materials, methods, and activity ideas for teaching young children to value themselves and others.
  • Remain focused on key chapter content with a litany of review guides. Opening questions, a concluding summary, discussion questions, extend your knowledge activities, and references in every chapter, these handy tools will quickly guide readers’ attention to the most important core content, and act as a useful means for processing the information, and a reliable gauge to test their level of understanding of chapter material.


  • Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child, 9/e, written by respected authors Sharon Castle and Renee C. Falconer, and begun by the late Carol Seefeldt, remains one of the most popularly read texts on teaching social studies to young children. Filled with a multitude of ideas, suggestions, and activities that prospective early childhood teachers can use to interest young children in social studies, the practicality and applicability of this resource is proven. Not only will novice teachers learn the content and methods of teaching social studies, but also they will be given sound ways to integrate social studies in other areas of the curriculum, including science, the arts, literacy and literature, and mathematics. The importance of understanding and using child development knowledge is a focus throughout the book. It includes a full chapter on play as a crucial part of children’s learning and development, and incorporates ideas for play throughout the material.Revised with the most current research, topics, and more, the book includes three extensively revised chapters to offer all of the 10 NCSS Thematic Strands; a new emphasis on the use of such technology as e-mail, digital cameras, and the World Wide Web; and thoroughly incorporates the current NAEYC standards for quality, curriculum, and professional preparation.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 These Are the Social Studies

    Chapter 2 Planning and Assessment

    Chapter 3 Resources for Learning

    Chapter 4 Thinking and Concept Formation

    Chapter 5 Self, Others, and the Community: Social Skills

    Chapter 6 Culture, Diversity, and Values

    Chapter 7 Children's Study of TIme, Continuity, and Change: History

    Chapter 8 People, Places, and Environment: Geography

    Chapter 9 Production, Consumption, and Decision Making: Economics

    Chapter 10 Developing Citizenship: Civics and Government

    Chapter 11 Global Connections

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