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Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally: The Professional Development Edition for Mathematics Coaches and Other Teacher Leaders

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally: The Professional Development Edition for Mathematics Coaches and Other Teacher LeadersPhysical Product

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This Professional Development Edition is uniquely designed to help coaches and other teacher leaders make the most out of Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally: 

  • A new Coach/Teacher Leader Guide to this Book follows the Preface to explain how the book can support coaches/teacher leaders facilitating various forms of professional development, including professional learning communities, school and districts workshops, one-on-one coaching situations, etc.
  • Activities Matrix at the front of the book, lists each named and numbered Activity in Section II of the book and provides the main mathematical goal offering coaches a convenient way to find a specific kind of activity.
  • Chapter-ending Coach/Teacher Leader Considerations boxes provide specific tips that coaches and other teacher leaders should keep in mind when working with mathematics teachers, whether one-on-one or in group settings.
  • End-of-chapter Professional Learning Opportunities section offers two new headings: Discussion Questions help coaches and other teacher-leaders identify key issues in the chapter to foster productive conversations within teacher groups in a variety of professional development settings. Professional Development Activities suggest related activities and assignments for PD facilitators to help teachers enhance their practice and reflection.
  • The accompanying PD Toolkit website provides a wealth of resources and tools to support professional development including video illustrating student thinking, Expanded Lesson Plans, templates, and Backline Masters. End-of-chapter PDToolkit Resource boxes show how these online resources correlate to specific chapters.


This book is uniquely designed to help coaches and other teacher leaders support teachers as they:


  • Implement the NCTM and Common Core State Standards with a textual discussion (Chapter 1) the actual Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices and NCTM Teaching standards (App. A, B), and numerous references throughout the text and in Expanded Lessons.
  • Prepare for problem-based mathematics instruction:
    • Ideas provide clear and succinct exploration of the most critical concepts in mathematics to help teachers plan instruction around “big ideas” rather than isolated skills or concepts
    • Mathematics Content Connections help readers be aware of the interaction of content as they help teachers plan lessons and diagnose student difficulties.
    • New! Additional samples of real student work are included to illustrate student thinking and responses to problem-based assignments. Readers can see direct examples of the ideas suggested - glimpsing how students think about problems and how students’ written work on mathematical tasks looks. This increases  awareness of how smart students are - and how high our expectations can be.  Some student work demonstrates naïve understandings.
  • Plan for all learners:
    • New! Strategies for English language learners and students with disabilities are interwoven in the text in Section I (highlighted in Chapter 6). In Section II many Activities in each chapter now contain specific tips for accommodations.
    • Revised! Expanded Lessons now include tips and strategies for English language learners and students with disabilities
    • New! Formative Assessment Notes in every chapter in Section II help readers understand how to best help students.
  • Become advocates for NCTM and reform-based curricula:
    • Information on how to communicate with administrators and parents is included.
    • NEW! Information is included on using NCTM and Common Core State Standards to inform instruction
  • Effectively integrate technological tools to support teaching and learning with comprehensive coverage of new technologies and teaching strategies. Many of the Activities in the book include a technological component.
  • Enhance their understanding of the mathematics that they will teach through numerous activities in each of the 16 content chapters

Elementary and Middle School MathematicsTeaching Developmentally, Professional Development Edition provides unparalleled depth of ideas and discussion to help mathematics coaches and other teacher leaders foster teachers’ understanding of the mathematics they will teach and the most effective teaching methods for the various mathematics topics. This text reflects the philosophy of the NCTM and Common Core State Standards and the benefits of problem-based mathematics instruction. The Coach/Teacher Leader Guide to this Book and Activities Matrix that appear at the front of the book and Professional Learning Opportunities sections, Coach/Teacher Leader Considerations boxes, and PDToolkit boxes that appear at the end of each chapter ensure this book is a valuable resource for all educators who facilitate mathematics professional development and support students making sense of mathematics.


A complimentary access code for the online PDToolkit (http://pdtoolkit.pearson.com) inside every new book gives mathematics leaders access to:

  • Videos highlighting student mathematical thinking
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Expanded lessons
  • Blackline masters
  • Children’s literature matrix


To access PDToolkit for the first time:


You will need to register online using a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. The process takes just a couple of minutes and only needs to be completed once.

  1. Go to http://pdtoolkit.pearson.com/
  2. Select your book.
  3. Under Register, select your user type: K-12 Teacher, College Instructor, or College Student
  4. Click Register Here.
  5. If you have an existing Pearson account, enter it.  If you do not, follow the prompts to make a Pearson account.
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  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.  If you need help at any time during the online registration process, simply click the Need Help? Icon.
  8. Once you have successfully registered, you can begin using the PDToolkit!


You only need to register for the PDToolkit once. After that, you can log in any time at http://pdtoolkit.pearson.com/ by providing your Login Name and Password when prompted.


*Important: Each access code can only be used once. The subscription is valid for six months upon activation and is not transferable. If the access code has already been revealed, it may no longer be valid. If this is the case, you can purchase a subscription by going to http://pdtoolkit.pearson.com/ and following the on-screen instructions

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download a Sample Chapter

Table of Contents


Coach/Teacher Leader Guide to this Book

Activities Matrix


Section 1: Teaching Mathematics: Foundations and Perspectives


Chapter 1 Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century                      

Chapter 2 Exploring What it Means to Know and Do Mathematics

Chapter 3 Teaching through Problem Solving

Chapter 4 Planning in the Problem-Based Classroom

Chapter 5 Building Assessment into Instruction

Chapter 6 Teaching Mathematics Equitably to All Children

Chapter 7 Using Technological Tools to Teach Mathematics


Section 2: Development of Mathematical Concepts and Procedures


Chapter 8 Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense

Chapter 9 Developing Meanings for the Operations

Chapter 10 Helping Students Master the Basic Facts

Chapter 11 Developing Whole-Number Place-Value Concepts

Chapter 12 Developing Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Computation

Chapter 13 Developing Strategies for Multiplication and Division Computation

Chapter 14 Algebraic Thinking: Generalizations, Patterns, and Functions

Chapter 15 Developing Fraction Concepts

Chapter 16 Developing Strategies for Fraction Computation

Chapter 17 Developing Concepts of Decimals and Percents

Chapter 18 Proportional Reasoning

Chapter 19 Developing Measurement Concepts

Chapter 20 Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts

Chapter 21 Developing Concepts of Data Analysis

Chapter 22 Exploring Concepts of Probability

Chapter 23 Developing Concepts of Exponents, Integers, and Real Numbers

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