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Children's Literacy Development: Making It Happen Through School, Family, and Community Involvement

Children's Literacy Development: Making It Happen Through School, Family, and Community InvolvementPhysical Product
  • By Patricia A. Edwards
  • Pub. Date: Oct 2, 2003 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-205-32437-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-205-32437-8

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  • Action steps for improving family-school partnership are outlined in Chapter 6, providing a scope and sequence of activities centered around the curriculum at each grade level to help parents understand what they can do to support their children's literacy development.
  • Presents a brief historical account of how family involvement has been viewed in American culture. Discusses minority family needs (Ch. 3).
  • Autobiographies, developing family stories, and parenting stories of early literacy help prepare teachers for real-life work with families (Ch. 4).
  • “Chapter Goals for the Reader” summaries, “Introductory Scenarios,” “Chapter Overviews,” and “Chapter Outlines” in each chapter establish the context of the chapter and help focus students learning.
  • Unique! “Pause and Reflect Activities” presenting problems, questions, or issues for student reflection encourage active problem solving.
  • “Suggestions for Thought Questions and Activities” in each chapter quiz students' understanding of chapter content, while “Internet Activities” at the end of each chapter direct students to Internet information on specific topics/issues related to family involvement.
  • “For Further Reading” sections enable students to explore selected ideas on their own in greater depth and encourages students to integrate their knowledge of diverse family populations and the needs of their specific school setting to develop their own creative involvement initiatives.
  • Glossary at the end of the book includes key terms used in the book.
  • Appendices D, E, F, G and I list materials that students can use in thinking about and carrying out their own family-school partnerships.

Written in an eloquent and practical style, renown author and recognized national authority on family literacy, Patricia Edwards has carefully selected skills, strategies, and examples of family involvement that will empower educators to successfully implement family involvement initiatives. A timely publication on today's political climate with federal monies going into family literacy, Edwards has deliberately and painstakingly chosen research-based, school-tested ideas as the focus of this book.

Table of Contents



Introduction: My Journey into Family Involvement.

1. Why Family-School Partnerships?

2. Family-School Partnerships: Why Are They So Difficult to Create?

3. Improving Family-School Partnerships: Existing Possibilities.

4. Teacher Preparation for Family Involvement: Effective Strategies.

5. Improving Two-Way Communication: Valuable Directions.

6. Directions for Improving Family-School Partnerships: Action Steps.


Appendix A: Parent Story: Angela and Timothy Sheffland.

Appendix B: Creating Sharing Time Conversations: Parents and Teachers Work Together.

Appendix C: Mooney's Instrument on Attitudes, Understandings, and Behaviors of Young Children's Reading Development.

Appendix D, E, F, G: Sample of Teachers Scope and Sequence of Parent Involvement Activities.

Appendix H: “What Does an Elementary Teacher Need to Know About Parent Involvement?”

Appendix I: Developing Your Own “Scope and Sequence of Parent Involvement” Activities.

Appendix J: Demographic School Profile.

Appendix K: Demographic Classroom Profile.

Appendix L: School District Student Enrollment Form.

Appendix M: Student Move-In/Move-Out Information Form.

Appendix N: Websites.

Appendix O: Parent Involvement Questionnaire.

Appendix P: Parent Profile and Plan of Action.

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