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Integrating Technology: A Practical Guide

Integrating Technology: A Practical GuidePhysical Product

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  • The book is very user-friendly, providing resources for all teachers K-16 as they use technology to support their curriculum. Every chapter includes easy step-by-step instructions that all teachers can follow.
  • This book is organized around students first and then moves on to teachers and classrooms to illustrate a logical sequence of needs.
  • Technologies, such as Word-processors and spreadsheets, the ineternmet, presentations and multimedia, that teachers use the most are emphasized.
  • Information about additional online resources such as related topics, online examples, or free resources available to teachers can be explored through the use of chapter ending sections called “Learn More”.
  • Throughout the book, vignettes are provided that describe real teachers facing real challenges as they integrate technology into their teaching.
  • A website (www.ablongman.com/lengel1e) where readers can learn more about each topic, connect to other resources, and extend their learning has been built by the authors and is referenced throughout the book.

A hands-on, concise, how-to guide for all teachers who want to incorporate technology in their classrooms!

Integrating Technology is a practical, step-by-step guide that helps teachers, elementary through university, successfully use computers and the Internet in their classes. Based on the authors’ decades of work helping teachers use technology to support curriculum, this book is for beginners who are just getting started and need ideas and support, as well as experienced teachers who need a handbook on concrete strategies and instructions. This book also is an ideal resource for administrators.

Special Features

  • Provides end-of-chapter lists of additional online resources, such as related topics, online examples, and free resources
  • Addresses students first and then moves on to teachers and classrooms to illustrate a logical sequence of needs
  • Focuses on technologies that are commonly used, such as word-processors, spreadsheets, the Internet, presentations, and multimedia
  • Includes vignettes throughout that describe real teachers facing real challenges as they integrate technology into their teaching

Table of Contents



1. Kids

Why Can’t They Be Like We Were?

The Digital Divide


Learn More


2. Teachers

Getting a Move On: Teachers as Learners

What Teachers Need: AEIOU

Designing Technology-rich Lesson Plans

An Example: Notecards

Techy-talk A to Z

Learn More


3. Classrooms

Classrooms Yesterday and Today: The Big Dig

Computers for Communication

One to One Computing

Learning and Working Environments

Looking Ahead: Transition to College

Learn More




4. Getting Started

Desktop or Laptop?

Computer Ergonomics

Wireless Setup

Mass Storage

Organizing Your Files

When to Call for Help

Learn More


5. Going Paperless

Why Go Paperless?

Planning Your Work

Thinking, Writing, and Publishing




6. Using the Internet: Beyond Browsing

Better Browsing

Finding it on the Web

Understanding URLs

Learn More


7. Internet in the Classroom

An Internet Briefing


Web Assignments

Virtual Field Trips

The Internet at Home

Learn More


8. Publishing on the Web

An Educational Startup Page

Writing for the Web

Looking Good Online

Design Principles for the Web

Displaying Text


Building a Web Page with Word

Building a Web Page with Dreamweaver

Learn More




9. Media: Words

Editing Text in Word

Beyond Words

Brochures in Word

Newsletters in Word

Accentuate the Positive: Foreign words

Math Equations in Word

Correcting Papers        

Learn More


10. Media: Numbers

Math Teachers

Excel Steps

Excel Graphs

Learn More


11. Media: Images

Using Digital Images

Photoshop Elements


Learn More


12. Media: Video

Shooting Good Video

iMovie steps

Video Conferencing

Learn More


13. Media in the Classroom

Graphic Organizers


Evaluating Multimedia Assignments

Learn More


14. Presenting Ideas

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Animation With Powerpoint

Advanced PowerPoint

Flash: An Introduction

Flash Video

Learn More


15. Distance Learning

Supply and Demand

Distance Learning

Online Education

Learning Objects

A Synchronous Online Seminar

Learn More


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