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Blueprint for Exceptional Writing

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Written for teachers in K-8 who are dedicated to helping students think, plan, and then write interesting and meaningful essays,  Blueprint for Exceptional Writing ("BEW") provides a master plan to help build successful writers. BEW gives teachers a comprehensive set of strategies that will improve student writing.


Teaching writing will never be the same with Blueprint for Exceptional Writing!

  • Features three distinct sections to effectively guide teachers of writing:
    • Section I covers the five phases for teaching students expressive writing skills, I) Authentic Vocabulary, II Pre-Writing, IV Authentic Editing and V) Publishing, are explained and then the associated interactive teaching strategies are taught by our literacy expert, Professor Write.
    • Section II offers information on how to teach different genres.  The chapters in Section II provide a clear picture of the four most commonly taught genres in grades K-8.  
    • Section III highlights teacher-friendly interactive strategies to use with students in the four common genres, including project descriptions, interesting websites and a wide-array of multi-sensory activities to support learning.  Designed as a workbook, this section is perfect for noting ideas that work.
  • Introduces you to new, creative, and innovative teaching strategies to capture the attention of students and successfully engage them in the writing process.
  • Provides ideas for student writing prompts for teachers who struggle with decisions about what to have students write about.
  • Presents numerous free websites, easy-to-make games and exercises to enhance to the writing process in your classroom and teach students vital expressive writing concepts at the same time.
  • Includes a demonstration video from the authors on the strategies in action in real classrooms. Teachers can watch, learn and model the author. Perfect for book club study groups!
  • Details proficient and non-proficient student writing and features real examples in the four most frequently taught genres. Discusses how to incorporate the samples into your teaching to model expressive writing for your students in different genres. 
  • Outlines specific scripts to guide teachers in introducing new concepts to students.


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Correlation Guide to New National Core Standards for Writing, Grades 6-12

Blueprint for Exceptional Writing Correlation Guide to Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE)

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We build our writing selections by using writing Blueprints. Here are a variety of grade level Blueprints for use in your classroom.

1st Grade Blueprint

1st Grade Rough Draft Writing Folder Cover

2nd Grade Blueprint

2nd Grade Blueprint 2 Paragraphs

2nd Grade Blueprint 3 Paragraphs

2nd Grade Blueprint Line Paper with Hand Signals

2nd Grade Rough Draft Cover

3rd Grade & Up Blueprint Color Coded

3rd Grade & Up Blueprint Line Paper Color Coded

3rd Grade & Up Rough Draft Cover

3rd Grade Blueprint 2 Paragraphs

3rd Grade Blueprint 3 Paragraphs

3rd Grade Blueprint Color Coded

3rd Grade Blueprint Line Paper

3rd Grade Blueprint Line Paper Color Coded

Increase your students' knowledge base with Blueprint's worksheets.

Web of Words for all grades

Wheel of Thoughts for all grades

Blueprint Word Search


Vocabulary Crossword

Vocabulary Wordwall

Narritive Blueprints:


Informational/Expository Blueprints:








Support File(s)

Download the Research behind Blueprint for Exceptional Writing


"Thank you so much for...Blueprint for Exceptional Writing!!!! What an outstanding resource for teachers! It's so full of practical tools, tips and strategies that are clearly based on research and best practice. I hope it reaches many teachers."

Marcia Leone, K-12 Education Outreach Specialist, East Lansing, MI

Fontenot and Carney have offered an exciting, research-validated program to teach good verbal communication which coaches every learner toward exceptional writing in content and style.

"Comprehensive and diverse, this resource includes various proficient and non-proficient student work samples from across the four genres, giving teachers a wide selection of examples to help them put the Blueprint into effect in their classrooms." Auleen Jarrett, a seasoned teacher at Henry Ruff Elementary School in Garden City, Michigan declared enthusiastically, "This book ... is exactly what classroom teachers need. It is reachable, doable, and practical."

All in all it is a creatively crafted text-book of the most helpful style, packaged with a DVD and interlinked throughout with online resources and corollary instructional material in the public domain.

Excerpt from Dr. J. Harold Ellens' (Research Scholar, University of Michigan) submitted review to the Journal for Psychology and Christianity in re Blueprint for Exceptional Writing

"As a principal and former English teacher, I can see that Jennifer Fontenot’s Blueprint for Exceptional Writing is powerful. This is the system to teach the building blocks of great writing in a coherent and intuitive manner. Blueprint allows a student's understanding to grow through the elements that make up great writing. This is how writing should be taught!"

--Alex McNeece, Principal, Douglas Elementary, MI

"The presentation [was] clear, organized, and fun: my teachers left this presentation with a powerful blueprint for teaching writing!"

--Alex McNeece, Principal, Douglas Elementary, MI on the Blueprint for Exceptional Writing Workshop

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Click Here to view a sample of chapter 5.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Welcome to Blueprint for Exceptional Writing………………………………………1


Chapter 1:      Phase I:          Teaching Authentic Vocabulary

Step 1:            Authentic Vocabulary

Step 2:            Conventions and Grammar

Step 3:            General Vocabulary Building


Chapter 2:      Phase II:         Teaching Pre-Writing Strategies

Step 1:            Multi-Sensory Experiences

Step 2:            Wheel of Thought

Step 3:            Genre Format and Voice

Step 4:            Blueprint Note Taking

Step 5:            Talking Paragraphs


Chapter 3:      Phase III:         Teaching Writing

Step 1:            Draft Writing

Step 2:            Title Writing


Chapter 4:      Phase IV:       Teaching Authentic Editing

Step 1:            Self Editing

Step 2:            Peer Editing

Step 3:            Teacher Conference

Step 4:            Final Copy Writing

Step 5:            Teacher Assessment


Chapter 5:      Phase V:        Publishing — Sharing the Purpose

Step 1:            Within the School

Step 2:            For the Community

Step 3:            Student Portfolios and Keepsakes



Chapter 6:      Personal Narrative Writing


Chapter 7:      Persuasive Writing


Chapter 8:      Research Papers


Chapter 9:      Poetry Writing


Chapter 10:    Response to Reading



Chapter 11:    Grades K-2


Chapter 12:    Grades 3-5


Chapter 13:    Grades 6-8


Chapter 14:    Planning for the Future




Appendix A:   NCLB & Teaching to Diverse Learners

Appendix B:  Classroom Instruction



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