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What Really Matters in Response to Intervention: Research-based Designs

What Really Matters in Response to Intervention: Research-based DesignsPhysical Product
  • By Richard L. Allington
  • Pub. Date: Aug 15, 2008 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-205-62754-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-205-62754-7

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The Response to Intervention initiative has risen to the top of today’s instructional agenda and yet it is a process that is unfamiliar terrain for many teachers. To help teachers acquire a fuller understanding of the complexity of response to intervention designs, literacy researcher and best-selling author Dick Allington offers clear recommendations to guide classroom teachers in designing response to instruction (RtI) programs such that struggling readers will develop their reading proficiencies to match those of their achieving peers. Unlike any other book on the topic, Dick Allington provides a research-base that supports closing the reading achievement gap along with implications this has for designing RTI programs. In addition, Dick provides a comprehensive discussion of the factors that inhibit poor, disabled, and second-language learners from achieving and offers a number of research-based instructional strategies and routines for turning struggling readers into achieving readers. Teachers will be inspired and confident to design response to instruction programs!


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  • Provides a complete review of what is critical to accelerating the development of struggling readers.
  • Presents educators with a framework for how we might design response to intervention (RTI) programs such that struggling readers will develop their reading proficiencies to match those of their achieving peers.
  • Features a complete analysis of response to intervention design (RTI) and offers a detailed framework for evaluating existing and future intervention efforts.
  • Includes numerous websites that provide teacher-friendly information, strategies, and tools for accelerating reading development.


“The author is well aware of what teachers need to do in order to provide effective intervention to improve students’ reading progress. In my opinion, this text is not only meaningful for classroom teachers, but also…principals.”
–Donna Schweitzer, Reading Specialist, Forwood Elementary School, Wilmington, DE

“[Dr. Allington has a] great grasp of what a classroom needs! While the interventions called for result in 1 on 3 or 1 on 1 groupings, the information about access to books, funding, coordinating and enhancing has direct implications. Dr. Allington draws on research and lays the foundation for action. Plain speaking…elegantly stated.”
—Barry Hoonan, Bainbridge Island School District, Bainbridge Island, WA

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Why struggling readers continue to struggle.

Chapter 2: Where to begin an intervention plan.

Chapter 3: Match between reader and text level.

Chapter 4: Dramatically expand reading activity.

Chapter 5: Very small groups or tutoring.

Chapter 6: Coordination of intervention with core classroom.

Chapter 7: Expert teacher delivers intervention.

Chapter 8: Focus instruction on meta-cognition and meaning.

Chapter 9: Student access and choice of reading materials.

Chapter 10: Questions about intervention design and delivery.



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